Super capacitor also known as electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), super condenser, pseudo capacitor, electrochemical double layer capacitor, or ultracapacitors, is an electrochemical capacitor with relatively high energy density. Compared to conventional electrolytic capacitors the energy density is typically on the order of hundreds of times greater. In comparison with conventional batteries or fuel cells, EDLCs also have a much higher power density.

                             In this article the use of super capacitors likes hybrid power supply for various applications is presented. The main application is in the field of automation. The specific Power of the super capacitors and its high lifetime (1 million of Cycles) makes it very attractive for the startup of the automobiles. Unfortunately, the specific energy of this component is very low. For that this technology is associated with battery to supply the starter alternator.

This paper offers a concise review on the use of a super capacitor in various energy storage applications. Super capacitor is also known as Electric/electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) is a unique electrical storage device, which can store much more energy than conventional capacitors and offer much higher power density than batteries.

                               Electric double-layer capacitor would have a capacitance of several farads, an improvement of about two or three orders of magnitude in capacitance, but usually at a lower working voltage. Larger, commercial electric double layer capacitors have capacities as high as 5,000 farads. These particularities make them very attractive for some applications as vehicle, electric grid, UPS, etc. So, this component can used with battery to supply the high power needed for the vehicle starting-up and acceleration, what can reduce the maximum power given by the battery and improves the lifetime of this last one.

                            These super capacitors fill up the gap between the batteries and the conventional capacitor, allowing applications for various power and energy requirements i.e., back up power sources for electronic devices, engine start or acceleration for hybrid vehicles.

                               This paper deals with the the construction and working of super capacitors and its application in various electronics energy storage applications and hybrid power supply for the vehicles. For that the battery is used us energy tank and supercapacitors to ensure the phases which need high power (startup, acceleration etc.).

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