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Size of E-ball

     The E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made. This PC concept features all the traditional elements like mouse, keyboard, large screen display, DVD recorder, etc, all in an innovative manner. E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side. After opening the stand and turning ON the PC, pressing the detaching mouse button will allow you to detach the optical mouse from the PC body. This concept features a laser keyboard that can be activated by pressing the particular button. E-Ball is very small, it is having only 6 inch diameter sphere. It is having 120×120mm motherboard.


      E-Ball concept pc has a laser keyboard that is fully a concept keyboard that is visible when the pc is in working.

The keyboard is not physical - it is interpreted by lasers that appear after you press the respective button.

It recognizes your fingers with the help of an IR sensor when you are typing at a particular place, while the mouse is a pop out wonder making this an existing piece of technology.

Advantages Of E-Ball

        It is portable. It can be easily taken from one place to another without any hurdle and problem. Because it is pocket size and by look it spherical in shape so no one can even imagine that what a person is carrying.

Disadvantages Of E-Ball

       Normal OS can’t work in these computers.Cost of E-Ball is very high.It is difficult to understand if any problems occur in hardware components.


    This ball is known as E-Ball and its design is given by Apostol Tnokovski. He was trying to create the smallest PC in the world when he came across this idea.It is shaped like a sphere because in Tnokovski’s opinion this is the best shape in nature and it draws everybody’s attention.  

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  1. i want to know that is there any prototype in the market till now?