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                                       Interstate Hydrogen Highway was brought up by Justin Eric Sutton. This highway mainly depends on hydrogen and water. Hydrogen is obtained in the basic process that produces  electricity when sunlight striking EPV(electro photo voltaic panels).panels is then used  to convert distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen .while the oxygen could be bottled and sold cheaply the hydrogen would serve as a “battery” store in compressed  form in cooling tanks adjacent  to the traveler system in utility centers. Electricity is produced by hydrogen using hydrogen fuel cell technology. Electricity generated in hydrogen highway by Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) technology may be used to provide for other power needs such as utility stations, access stations lightning and maintenance and rest can be used for domestic usage.

                                            A certain amount of hydrogen would be stored each day to encompass night time travel and weather related burdens. Speed of trailblazer in hydrogen highway is 250-300 MPH. all it takes is "$1,50,00,000 per mile , and $2,50,000 per Rail Car. With an eventual system size of nearly 54,000 miles would yield as much as 45 billion watts of continuous electrical power .   

Michigan entrepreneur Justin Eric Sutton brings us into the era of clean hydrogen energy and solar energy, by producing a remarkable high speed MAGLEV railway which is being sold throughout the USA for deployment on Elevated Superhighway Rails, it speeds travelers between metro areas at up to 250+ MPH, in this remarkable vision of the not so distant future!  Not only would it revolutionize energy AND transportation, it is both feasible and deployable TODAY.  All that remains is funding and agreements with the various local and state jurisdictions. America is one step closer to a clean energy economy no longer dependent upon economically and environmentally unsound foreign or other fuel sources.


While on a far more sophisticated level, what Mr. Sutton is selling deploys a method for using solar energy electricity to produce storable clean burning hydrogen, something accomplished in a manner not all that different from a common high school chemistry lab demonstration.  He intends to do so along high technology MAGLEV tracks laid along 54,000 miles or so (eventually) of already clear interstate highway and umpteen thousands of miles of existing railway egress (he is seeking to license said acreage to his company, providing a valuable source of income to the interstate highways and railroads, along with excess power for their use at no extra cost).  Mr. Sutton's scientific method, depicted in a figure later in this article, involves electrolyzing water, producing environmentally safe hydrogen and oxygen, powered by the solar energy panels lain along the entire length of the Interstate Traveler's tracks, which is then converted to motive force, and/or sold to the outside world in the form of low cost compressed Hydrogen. 

This highly innovative approach is similar to the classroom demonstration where the professor places two electrodes in water connected to an electrical power source, collects the hydrogen that emits from the electrons infiltrating the water, catches it in a Beaker, and then burns it off in a small, rather loud explosion designed to wake the kids up sleeping in the back of the class.


  Only, in the present case, not only is Mr. Sutton intent upon using that hydrogen to power railroads based on MAGNETIC LEVITATION (MAGLEV) technology, in his case the kids sleeping in the back of the class are our political leaders and energy policy makers.  They should immediately heed this wakeup call from Mr. Sutton: who has solved an enormous number of problem:  simultaneously providing what appears to be an abundant source for clean, safe hydrogen, and an essentially environmentally safe and sound method of providing clean, low cost transportation that could eventually replace most other forms of long distance travel.Imagine riding along the scenic vista from New York City, Long Island and Westchester County, leading down the Jersey Shore to Atlantic City, where vacation goers can arrive at the world famed Boardwalk, with it's entertainment and Casinos, in approximately 22-35 minutes door to door or less!  That's probably less time than it takes for most people to drive from work to home today. Pack your bags, Mildred, it's Trump's famous Casino, next stop!