Enhancing LAN Using Cryptography - Seminar Reports|PPT|PDF|DOC|Presentation

The ‘Enhancing LAN Using Cryptography and Other Modules’ suggests important ways to remove the shortcomings of the present network management systems. It allows the administrator to gain more control over remote machine on the network. The network is used to its full potential. The proposed system is implemented in .net. It  has the following modules. Each of the modules addresses some key feature of the network. Modules includes process management, monitoring ,desktop capturing ,remote processing ,file transfer ,chatting, wake on LAN and a GPS receiver for user system management. Our project has the following advantages over existing systems.

•      Security of data: Protection of data during their transmission over a collection of interconnected network by using cryptography.

•      Faster and Better Communication–When our requirement is to communicate with any of the colleagues sitting in the same organization and not with any of the personal friends then why to communicate over the congested network of thousands of computers called Internet instead of exploiting the features of high speed Local Area Network which already exists in almost all enterprises and institutions.

•      Timely and Assured Transfers–For tasks such as general notifications the broadcasting feature is hundred times faster than a peon circulating the notices to all employees. Networks are not just for data transfers anymore. Data transfer can be used in the following, not only interesting but also productive ways.

•      System management-Here we use the GPS receiver for time synchronization through which the administrator can shut down the user system.